Invisible Pet Fence Repair: Making Sure That Your Pet is Secure

All the pet owners are very fond of whichever pet they own. Whether it is a dog, or a cat, pet owners consider their pets as part of their family and want the best for it and do not want any harm whatsoever to befall them. The latest technology of invisible fence installation is a very effective way of ensuring the safety of one’s pets. This system keeps the pets within their prescribed boundaries and away from areas where you do not want them to go.

Invisible fence systems will work in any size yard from 1/4 of an acre to more than 25 acres. An invisible fence can be placed practically anywhere… through hilly or rocky terrain, into wooded areas, and even underwater. A wire is installed around the perimeter of the property within the confines of which you want your pet to be. A transmitter is usually placed in the basement or garage which sends a radio signal along the wire. The radio signal is picked up by the pet’s Computer Collar, which emits a warning sound when your pet approaches the Invisible Boundary.

Sometimes there will be a break in the wire for your dog fence. So, the invisible pet fence repair is extremely important whenever it is damaged. You will know that there is a break in the wire when system will stop working and the transmitter box will sound an alarm or display an error light.

The most common cause of breaks is someone running an edger, aerator or other digging device across the wire.  These breaks can usually be found by walking along where the wire runs and looking for spots where there has been recent digging. Also check the connections between the wire and the transmitter as well as all the wire joints as these are common break locations.


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