Finding and Rendering the Invisible Pet Fence Repair

invisible pet fence repair bloomfield hills miA fenceless boundary or pet fence is an electronic system designed for keeping the pet or other domestic animal within the predefined boundaries without the use of physical blockade. A meek electronic shock is given by an electronic collar if the warning sound is overlooked. With time or due to unfavorable climatic conditions, they might break which calls for repairing. Here are Invisible Pet Fence Repair steps which will let repairing task go easy.

Analyzing a Wire Break

From time to time you might experience a wire break – it is actually very usual over the lifetime of an electric dog barrier. If the wire breaks, the transmitter box would let you know through an audible alarm or through an error light. You would also notice that the receiver collars are not responding to the signal from the barrier.

Collar Test & Short Loop Test

If you expect a wire break, test your dog fence transmitter. Most of the dog fence transmitters have an alarm on them which point out a break in the line. It makes loud sharp sound that indicates a crack in your dog fence twisted wire or main loop. Few transmitters, such as, the Invisible Fence gate systems and the Pet Guardian systems don’t have an alarm they only blink indicating that the dog fence system is useful.

Do short loop test

1. Unplug neutral wires from dog fence transmitter.
2. Cut 12 inch piece of wire and stripe both the ends.
3. Plug one end of the wire into dog fence terminal.

If the transmitter stops beeping or in the case of the Pet Guardian system or Invisible Fence starts blinking your transmitter is more than useful. If the transmitter continues to beep with the short loop connected to the terminals, the trouble is in the transmitter itself.


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