Underground Dog Fence Installation: Factors You Must Know About

Underground dog fence installation Milford Mi

Underground dog fence comprises of buried wire, dog collar with receiver and transmitter. There are various kinds of dog fence from the average type to small dog to stubborn dog and a lot more.

The boundary wire is generally buried about 2 inches below the ground. Flags are kept in strategic locations to give you and the dog a diagrammatic location of the boundary wire. The dog is made to wear an electronic shock collar that has a receiver which detects when the dog is getting close to the fence’s boundary wire. This particular moment the receiver gives an audible alarming tone. If dog doesn’t stop and keeps moving toward dog fence underground wire, the collar will give him mild but safe electric shock to alarm the dog. The stimulus increases in strength as the dog keeps going towards the dog fence boundary, until pet stops and moves back. This way, the dog realizes he must stay within the dog fence boundaries wire.

Underground Dog Fence Installation entails laying the wire around the area, but certainly, above the ground. Then tunnel a shallow and thin trench in the ground with the shovel to place the wire in, and stir the edges of the dirt over the wire. The wire should be a closed loop, any hindrances in the way have to be run through or the wire made to run under existing drainage pipes or cracks to complete the loop installation of the fence. Wire containment system installation can be rendered to include the entire area of the yard or just the backyard or have double-loop installations which are a little more expensive. Some of the pet owners wish to combine the efficiency of an electrical dog fence system with the physical fence for added protection of their beloved pet.


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